Phaedon-Z is the Fay in FayJay

I am a multidisciplinary creative professional, coming from a background in audiovisual communications and fine art.

Storytelling is at the heart of my art and the common denominator of all my skills. I always strive to tell an engaging story, whether in a single image, written narrative or through film.

Multilayered, quirky and outside-the-box, my work is a place where history, pop culture and future possibilities collide.

My main focus is on:

  • Writing and illustrating picture books for kids and young adults (which are also fun and engaging for older adults)
  • Illustrating posters and book covers (huge film buff and bookworm)
  • Painting portraits, abstracts and mixed media creations (telling your personal story)

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The Jay in FayJay is Jeff West.

Phaedon’s personal portfolio

This collection curates some creativity by Phaedon-Z; from FayJay projects and one-off ideas to development sketches. Phaedon-Z ArtStation.