Jeff West

The Jay in FayJay

With a professional career path spanning from CAD system applications design in automotive and aeronautical businesses, the likes of Jaguar, McLaren F1 and Airbus to web design and animation, I bring the groundedness, eye for detail and methodical thinking of an engineer to FayJay.

I make sure every project we undertake is well-constructed, sticks to the brief and will indeed be able to fly.

Illustrating, designing, writing and making art allows me to connect with the more spontaneous and artsy side of myself, which is hugely important for my must-have creative desires while being grounded in the reality of making something useful for our customers.

My other career hat is that of a technical author and marketing content producer, which keeps me at the sharp end of document design and layout, web content and UI trends and a lot of product image photoshopping.

I write and illustrate for the creative kids and the adults who have to read the same story over and over to them. My stories and illustrations provide a safe and stimulating point of contact for the daily ritual of storytelling with works that are quirky, humorous and full of easter eggs. The adventure never stops!

Animals are a great love of mine, especially dinosaurs. I specialise in dinosaur illustrations both cartoony and through paleoart. For example, Dinobunny, my line of greetings cards, mixes the ferocity of dinosaurs with the cuteness of bunnies … and vice versa. Visit my DinoBunny website for a look at the original drawings.

I’m a huge music buff and synth-pop connoisseur. In my free time, I write and produce songs. Check out my IntroOutro website for some tunes, though head to the lyrics section first!

Connect with me now, have a look at my LinkedIn profile for more information or meet Phaedon Zacharoudes, the Fay in FayJay.