Phaedon Zacharoudes

Phaedon is the Fay in FayJay

I am a multidisciplinary creative professional, coming from a background in fine art and audiovisual communications.

I have a passion for visual storytelling which fuels all my creative activities. Whether I am developing 2D or 3D digital art and design, writing, or, currently, animating, it all boils down to creating meaningful stories, for specific people, in a specific moment and context.

I love multilayered and quirky narratives that fall outside the box. I love sharing ideas and feelings through symbolism and detail and memorable visuals. 

Go ahead, throw us a challenge! Let us make your story visual.

Share your thoughts with me on Instagram, YouTube and ArtStation.

The Jay in FayJay is Jeff West.

Phaedon’s personal portfolio

This collection curates some creativity by Phaedon Star; from the FayJay service pages to FayJay projects, and inclusive of sketches.