Phaedon Zacharoudes

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  • Still frame of Phaedonstar in a recording environment from the film Hear Us Out
  • Photo of Star Phaedon editing the Milk CY video on Final Cut
  • Production photo of Star Phaedon in front of the Town Hall during the shooting of the film Milk CY

The Fay in FayJay

With a skill set spanning from Fine Art to Communications, Filmmaking and Illustration, I put in FayJay the faery magic of playfulness, intuition and adventurousness.

I have had a long and multifaceted career maturation until I crystallised in my present role as an artepreneur. I have been a fine arts student and journalistic video editor in Italy; a cultural management student in Germany; a communications and media freelancer in Cyprus, and a Fay in the UK. Artepreneurship has been a way to merge all my different professional experiences into a format that rings true to my very core.

My mission is to create works of art that serve as gateways to emotional transformation; to create art/illustration/writing experiences which facilitate deep emotional connections and lead to personal transformation.

I always dig deeply into the meaning manifesting in the art and the stories with which people surround themselves. “What does my customer need me to manifest for them? How can I, as an artist, be tangibly useful?” I create high-quality, timeless, long-lasting artwork, narratives and eco-friendly products which add a touch of peace, reassurance and fun into my customers’ lives; I do not compromise on quality and craftsmanship.

My vision is to be a healing power in the world through emotionally transformative artwork; helping people and businesses lead more connected, more creative and more prosperous lives.

Connect with me right now, check out my LinkedIn profile for more details or meet Jeff West, the Jay in FayJay.