Phaedon Zacharoudes

The Fay in FayJay

Creative media and communications specialist

Brandishing 18 years of combined experience in creative media, ranging from:

  • video production and editing,
  • to digital art and illustration,
  • to visual and written content creation / communications,

I can confidently deliver the meaningful, well-crafted and emotionally engaging creativity you need to connect with the people you intend to reach.

I want to communicate

Photo of Star Phaedon editing the Milk CY video on Final Cut
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In my early 20s I made the decision to switch from a Fine Arts University (Brera) to a Communications University (Istituto Europeo di Design) because after watching one of my artistic videos, my painting professor asked me why I chose to occupy myself with art, to which I answered, “Because I want to communicate.” Since then my career path developed around a collaborative, communicative and client-centred creative mindset. From my first job as a journalistic video editor, I have had to work from a brief and collaborate with a supervising reporter to create hard-hitting news content, learning how to pay attention and deliver the goods at maximum speed.

Category is: non-profit hats

Teamwork, communication and client care became even more prominent as I expanded my professional training and went on to work as a marketing and media freelancer with 10+ non-profits in Cyprus. Taking on more responsibilities as both the person creating and publishing the promotional material, online content, photos and videos, but also as the person developing the marketing strategy, the stakeholder and media relations, planning the events, managing various creative projects and training people. Wearing so many different hats and collaborating with small teams within an multicultural context, allowed me to develop as a flexible creative who can draw on a far wider set of soft and hard skills to connect people.

Poster image for the film Milk CY, created by Star Phaedon
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Sharper through business

Collaborating with Jeff West to create FayJay has allowed me to further mature as a professional. Crossing over into entrepreneurship requires harnessing all my previous work experience and pushing it forward. Having a small enterprise means ongoing practice in wearing many hats and being adaptable. I am the creative and business lead, have dedicated 1000s of hours developing digital skills, networked and participated in 30+ workshops, webinars and industry events to become the best businessperson I could. In the process, I gained a thorough practical understanding of how the different aspects of a business need to work together in order to create success. This overarching outlook makes me sharper as a creative because it allows me to ask clients the right questions in order to come up with the ideas, innovations, style and emotions that will guarantee the best results for them. 

Empowering you softly

Whether I am creating a digital painting to be printed and sold on Etsy, designing a book cover for a local author or editing video content for a local business, I am always aware that the purpose of my creativity is to use the soft, meaning-making power of symbols, words and images to bring people together.

Which is why I will never compromise in:

  • Actively listening and understanding what you need from us.
  • Guiding you through the process of creation and production, making sure you are on board.
  • Delivering well-crafted and emotionally engaging products and services that help you connect with your intended people instantly and meaningfully.

 100% client satisfaction so far means we get the job done.

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