Phaedon’s extended portfolio

Video / Graphic Design / Illustration / Digital Art

Visual storytelling

The uniting principle underlying my work across all the various disciplines presented in this portfolio, is the art of visual storytelling as a means to engage diverse target audiences. With a flexible, eclectic, and inclusive outlook, I strive to create successful products that resonate with a wide range of clients. Drawing from my extensive awareness of visual historical trends in art and design, I bring a unique perspective to each project. Guided by a firm grasp of communication and design principles, I offer visual and cognitive solutions that leave a lasting impact. Through my work, I deliver craftsmanship, meaningfulness, and emotional engagement, ensuring a compelling experience for clients and viewers alike.

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Video production and post-production

Ever since completing my 3-year Film Production course at the renowned Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan, my professional journey has been fueled by a passion for creating captivating visual experiences. Starting as a news content video editor, I expanded my horisons freelancing for non-profit organisations and embarking on my own artistic video projects.

Click on the Image Carousel below and delve into the playlists on my YouTube channel. You will find a diverse selection of video content separated into five categories: Promo Videos and Animated Flyers, News Content, Making-of Videos, Arthouse Videos, and Community Support Videos. These playlists showcase my confidence with the medium of video, ranging from storytelling through the camera, to meticulous editing and post-production, plus a touch of animation.

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Graphic Design and Typography

My passion for typography and graphic design fuels my ability to craft eye-catching visual communications. With expertise in creating book covers, flyers (both online and offline), graphic T-shirts, greetings cards, digital products, and logos, I offer a diverse range of creative solutions in both 2D and 3D. Backed by a strong eye for creative problem-solving and a solid understanding of visual design principles, I take pleasure in merging words and images in the service of spreading engaging creative messages.

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Treading the line between graphic design and art, my illustration portfolio has grown out of my decade-long pursuit of becoming a picture book author/illustrator. Throughout my journey, I have crafted character-driven stories and digital products that captivate audiences of all ages, from children to the young at heart. With a versatile skill set in both 2D and 3D, I have expanded my visual vocabulary to create clever, charming, and emotionally engaging illustrations for diverse audiences and a variety of products.

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Digital Art

In my heart of hearts, I am an artist. Prior to my studies in Film Production, I studied Fine Art. Among all creative disciplines, art serves as an ongoing conversation that has endured since the very origins of our species. It serves as a direct link to our ancient ancestors and resonates within the core of our global culture and existence. As an artist, I thrive in the dynamic tension that arises when fine art intersects with the commercial realm. I delight in incorporating references from art history and bending conventions to create visual works that draw inspiration from emerging technologies, propelling the conversation forward. However, above all else, my art must tell a compelling story, exhibit exceptional craftsmanship, and evoke deep emotional engagement.

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