Ah, you are checking out our projects. We are honoured to serve you a buffet of information regarding past, present and future endeavours. Enjoy taking everything in and feel free to contact us for more information.

Our projects range from pure art for art’s sake, to illustrated books, merchandise, poetry and video.

The Project Archive

You can still visit our previous projects under their own blog category. The vault preserves the overview and may also include more background information, fun facts, work-in-progress deliverables and diversions, in-depth thoughts and analysis on the journey to completion.

Personal portfolios

Our FayJay projects exist as living entities in their own right; each may be a [virtually] solo creation, whilst others have had a [nearly equal] 51:49 division of responsibility. To see our personal, individual, project-independent work, visit the About us, about Phaedon-Z and about Jeff West areas of the FayJay World.