Ideas, thought processes and ways to deliver

Are you interested in finding out how Phaedon and Jeff take a project from idea to delivery?

These projects will give you a glimpse into the FayJay mind, exposing project briefs, deliverables creative processes and some of the tools that we use.

Dinobunny Christmas card design with tyrannosaurus and three bunnies opening their presents


A Christmas greetings card series created by Jeff West. Fierce cuteness bearing Jeff’s trademark humour. Christmas now comes with a roar!

Jack and the spacestalk

An original take on Jack and the Beanstalk set in space. Jack exchanges his spaceship for five fantastically scientific beans! Picture book idea created by Phaedon Zacharoudes.


He is pink, he is fuzzy, he is adorable and he is looking for his eye. This playful picture book hero was created by Jeff West. Yggy eyes are the new puppy eyes!

Valentina’s Date

She is a greedy creature! Horror/sci-fi book cover and poster for a short story written and illustrated by Phaedon Zacharoudes.

Toys and Meatballs

A dad writes two stories for his son and commissions Jeff West to illustrate them. Jeff’s humorous visual language charms in digital watercolour inspired by the golden age of illustration.

Cover/Poster for Starry Island, science fiction/horror novella written and illustrated by Phaedon-Z. The illustration is featuring the creature design for Glory the Wrathful.

Starry island

She is hiding in the light! Book cover and poster for a gothic sci-fi novella written and illustrated by Phaedon Zacharoudes.

Digital illustration of Friendship: A Short Story for Max by Jan Ten Sythoff (aka Papa) Illustrated by Fay Jay.


Phaedon Zacharoudes illustrates this story of two boys who reframe their mutual dislike to create a beautiful friendship. Written for a father as a gift to his son and illustrated in manga-inspired digital inks.

Finished printed book cover of Night Flights

Night Flights

FayJay’s first ever book cover illustration created for the seventh anthology of the Brighton NightWriters. A paper plane flies over a nightly view of Brighton delivering all the best work of the writers’ group to their readers.