DinoBunny is created by Jeff West and encompasses character artwork with an extinct reptilian rabitty twist!

Project brief

DinoBunny was born in the early 1990s with a set of Christmas-themed coloured pencil drawings by Jeff West, which are now progressing into commercial greetings card designs. The complete history is documented at DinoBunny.com DinoBunny’s evolution is open-ended and it will be free to conquer other domains with other products and merchandise bearing his stamp of approval.


Initially, three of the original six Christmas scenes will be produced in full digital colour for print-targeting 2018. This project will also include the ‘DinoBunny Evolve’ logo design (featured in the animated logo) and ‘Stomp’ graphic for the reverse of the cards.

In the future, DinoBunny will also being wishing you a Happy Birthday and good luck in your new job, welcoming you to your new home or new additions to your own family and many other life events.

Creative process

The first six designs were rendered on paper with coloured pencil by a small boy. The pictures were scanned and imported to computer graphical software for digital creation.

Tools and media

Coloured pencil, paper, Adobe Illustrator.