Project brief

Yggy is a children’s toy character who will live in picture books, at first, but has plans to step beyond the pages in future. He is about 30 cm tall and made of a mixture of soft materials, of varying colours and textures, with sewn-on features.


Initially a 32-page children’s picture book for grown-ups (kids at heart). His first adventure is “Looking For My Eye”, where he has a need to explore the house of his family on a search for a precious object.

Dummy book

The completed dummy book of Looking For My Eye is viewable by agents and other publishing professionals on this password-protected page: Looking For My Eye Dummy Book. Please contact Jeff for access.

More to read on the book’s backstory can be found here.

Creative process


Yggy’s character design evolved through sketching on paper until his proportions and features were fully formed, then recreated digitally in Photoshop.


The text and artwork were combined in an InDesign document to create the pages and spreads. The front and back matter were also designed to align with the vision of the picture book as a completed product.

Tools and media

Photoshop, InDesign, traditional sketching