Showing up: filmmaker, video editor, storyteller

Foot in the door

Another position I held in Milan, Italy, was with a commercial film production company. The post available was that of a Front Office Manager. It wasn’t exactly in step with my previous experience as a film school graduate and news video editor, but these same things made me compatible with the spirit of the company. For me, it was an opportunity to get my foot in the door and slowly take steps to achieve more relevant roles in film production, direction, or editing, thereafter.

Whimsical style chosen for the making of video of the Jobber commercial

The lesser editor

Editing was of particular interest to me, but the company was editing in Avid, the gold standard for non-linear editing at the time, which did not form part of my experience. My expertise lay in Final Cut and Adobe Premier, emerging technologies back then, placing me on a lower step as a video editor.

Eager to prove my skills and be part of the team, I offered to shoot and edit some videos documenting how the commercials came to be filmed. The videos were intended for internal distribution within the company, and for the people that were involved in the process of filming.

Sophisticated style chosen for the making of video of the Acqua Mattoni commercial

Showing up

So, I went on the set, documenting the whole filming process with a cheap camera provided by the company. Then I chose editing styles and a soundtrack that matched the content of the commercial. I wanted these 2-3 minute videos to be fun and engaging, and to constitute a warm memory for everyone involved.

It was all part of a very valuable experience which brought me into close contact with the vast array of professional roles aggregating in the film industry and allowed me to grow my own filmmaking and storytelling skills. The passion and the confidence I took away from this experience shaped, in large part, my career as a digital media professional. They helped me take full agency of a narrative, and deliver high-quality video stories, beloved by the people who engaged me, with very little means.