Snoopy inspiration

On a recent visit to the attic (looking for some particular 80s synthpop vinyl records) I stumbled upon a cardboard box full of one of my childhood’s greatest drawing inspirations-Snoopy. Charles M Schulz’s simple, elegant flowing line which defined the brilliant beagle, is perhaps the strongest blueprint and starting point for my own character designs. Many thousands of miles of pencil line must have been drawn in countless pieces of scrap paper and corners of school exercise books; practicing the peanut-like outline of Snoopy’s head. All artists must know that feeling of seeing a shape form under the nib and knowing it is just right! Of course this particular one belongs to Charles (Schulz and Brown), but learning to doodle to a successful outcome is unique to each of us.

My foot on Snoopy and Charles' stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

For me, it was not only the artwork of the Peanuts comic strip, but the stories themselves that resonated to the point of obsession. The box in the picture contains every book in the series from No.1 to beyond 90 or so, with only a couple missing The humo[u]r, both visual and the written word, is extremely influential in my own work; possibly because Snoopy and I have so much in common—we are both very fond on bunnies and, in our own heads at least, are successful tennis pros.