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The Far Side scratch ‘n’ sniff

Return from The Far Side

I was delighted to read that Gary Larson, creator of The Far Side … comic? was considering a return to the drawing board, right here in 2020. Or rather, a return to the digital tablet. I blundered into this world in 1987 on my first trip to the USA, buying the ‘Gallery’ collection somewhere in Philidelphia, and giggling continuously on the journey instead of taking in the scenery.

Sp-kookiness re-animated

A social media #Halloween quick sketch challenge from 2018 recently came back to life – “Throw the switch on Throw-Back Thursday!” On further analysis ‘in the lab’, it appears my kooky style has been influenced by the irresistible zaniness … spooky.

Collect them all!

I’m such a fan – I’ve got all your books. I’ve even encouraged my cat to read them, although she’s starting with an exploratory scratch ‘n’ sniff.

Jeff West

The J in the FayJay world

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