Polaroid showng FayJay's Phaedon and Jeff standing in front of some art and smiling to the camera


We are artists/illustrators/authors Phaedon Zacharoudes (Fay) and Jeff West (Jay).

FayJay is our creative partnership or creationship. It is the hybrid of our individual personalities and skillsets converging in the form of the magical bird of our name and logo, a faery jay.

Our mission is to reveal the power that lies in imagination and transform it into empowering creative realities. We do that with skill and care, letting our own creativity become a powerful conduit for others.

We are empathetic, results-driven and take pride in delivering works of craftsmanship.

We have a shared background in Art, Technical Design, Marketing and Audiovisual Communications. We work with a variety of media, both digital and physical, according to the project and the results we want to achieve. Our list of digital tools includes Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premier Pro and Blender 3D. Physical means to create art and illustration include inks, watercolours, collage and acrylics.

Our vision is to create a world where the power of imagination is valued and creative ambition is realised; to create connections with this power that enrich the reality of every individual, household or business.


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