FayJay is a collaborative hybrid comprised by arts professionals Phaedon Zacharoudes (Fay) and Jeff West (Jay).

Our mission is to create, design and illustrate all you need to connect with your customers, community and loved ones on a more meaningful level.

We have a combined background in Art, Technical Design, Marketing and Audiovisual Communications. Our previous experience as consultants, project managers and facilitators will provide you with hands-on, down-to-earth, expert guidance and support on creative choices for maximum emotional impact.

Whether that means painting wall art for a house or business space, designing greetings cards for a special occasion or creating a book design for a self-publishing author, our collaborative method guarantees responsiveness to the client brief, provides safety by means of keeping you informed and up to date through every step of the production and results in well-crafted and emotionally-engaging works of art and design that will connect you and your intended viewer on a more meaningful level.

We work with a variety of media, both digital and physical, according to the project and the results we want to achieve. Our list of digital tools includes Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premier Pro and Blender 3D. Physical means to create art and illustration include inks, watercolours, collage and acrylics.

Our vision is to build more meaningful relationships through well-crafted art and design.


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