Mockup of a living room with a turquoise wall, a yellow armchair and a poster of an illustration of a cute winking zebracorn in a yellow background

Illustrations gallery

The cute, the fab and the experimental! This is FayJay’s joint portfolio. The work is grouped in overarching categories ranging from book covers to animal characters, to 3D design and experimental illustrations. Step in here to see how Phaedon and Jeff work together and how their individual styles combine to create experiences of beauty and joy.

Sketchbook mockup showing sketches of two jumping characters created by Phaedon Zacharoudes

Sketches gallery

The rawness and the power of pencil sketches, development studies and outtakes is all in here. Step in to experience the creative chaos behind the finished artwork.

Scattered instagram photos taken by FayJay

Photos gallery

From photobashing, to documenting, to early photo projects, interacting with the world through the medium of photography is an important step in FayJay’s creative process. Step in here to catch a glimpse of Phaedon’s and Jeff’s gaze upon the world and their journey through it.