URU Unicorns

Project brief

Unicorn-themed wall art for children’s rooms.

The six URU stars


Artwork for print in a range of physical sizes, up to really quite large.

Creative process

This commission is part of an ongoing stream of artwork for Wallpix. The open-ended nature of the initial brief (unicorns) is resulting in many projects under this umbrella, or rather in this stable. I wanted to create artwork in a range of styles as the target audience’s walls will look down on a wide age group; so I started with a cartoony angle. In order to enable large print sizes with no loss of clarity I designed these characters with vector graphics software.

Character number one is a pink horned horse – basically a real unicorn. At the outset of this project, it was character “only one”; as a single piece of artwork was the original objective.

The evolution of URU Unicorn One

At this point, the recognition that no matter how precious we are about our art; if it’s for sale, someone is going to buy it to match the carpet, caused me to consider some mutations. I imagine there is a market for black carpet, so Black Beauty unicorn was next. Natural evolution, not restricted to camouflage, lead to Zebra, Lionicorn, Elecorn and finally Penguin. Some animals lend themselves less well to the “icorn” suffix … Zerbricorn and Penguinicon?

As the project will spawn many sub-projects, this particular species needed a name. The unicorn is an individual and inspirational fantastic beast in real life and the timing of these first six family members coincided with World Aids Day, 1st December. We did an Instagram social media campaign aligned with one’s right to be oneself in safety and with a atmosphere of acceptance.

You Are Unicorn! You Are You! U R U!