Shark Fin Fun

Project brief

Wall art for children’s rooms. Commissioned by Wallpix

Silver-framed original art print Shark Fin Fun by Jeff West hung in a child's room
Shark Fin Fun mounted in a silver frame in a kid’s bedroom


Artwork for print in a range of physical sizes, up to really quite large.

Creative process

One of several ideas for a range of artwork, the theme being Water Creatures. With some emphasis on a boy’s room, this great white shark character started with a scanned sketch of a typical shark pose – the sinister dorsal fin breaking the ocean surface.

The style is comic/cartoon ink cell, with the addition of some subtle shading, rendered with vector graphics.

The shark is designed with a characterful expression, but also a certain level of anatomical correctness (particularly the eye) in order to convey more of the feeling of a real animal for the imaginative child. This will be a feature of the whole series.