PlaySpark_1: Stars flying in the undergrowth

Digital illustration featuring the words STARS FLYING IN THE UNDERGROWTH and a colourful bunny chasing three glowing stars with wings

It’s been a long period of introspection and redefinition of myself as a person as well as a creative. I have been embracing the many facets of my identity and my creativity and coming to terms with who I am, what gives me life and how to proceed on the road of creativity in a way that’s meaningful to me and to other people.

Pencil and Promarker sketch for PlaySpark_1: Stars flying in the undergrowthPlayfulness and the exchange of creative stimuli came to the top and defined the way I want to engage with social media in a way that’s organic, fun and would help me and others keep growing and experimenting. I went back to my sketches and doodles and decided to turn them into digital posts that could be used as prompts to inspire other people too.

The most obvious choice was the very first sketch I shared on Instagram featuring a bunny taking a leap of faith towards the stars. This spoke to me because both personally and creatively things spark up in the silent depths of my psyche long before they’re able to be expressed freely into the world. The idea seemed to encompass perfectly the nine months I have just spent. The notion of the underdog – or “underbunny” in this case – reaching out with tremendous transformative power is also very near and dear to me.

Pencil sketch for PlaySpark_1: Stars flying in the undergrowth

I think the image of the leaping long-eared bunny is something I’ll revisit again and again. Wanting to experiment with new ways of creating characters I thought I’d adapt the 3D fur technique created by Satori Graphics – one of my favourite YouTube channels – to my project. I didn’t take it all the way to the final stages because it didn’t fit my bunny but it was a novel way to use Adobe Illustrator’s Blend tool and Roughen effect.

So how do you experience your creativity? Do you need to withdraw inside your cave for a bit or are you fed by the energy of your community? Did we manage to insipre you and if so what did you create?

Please comment and let us know.

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