Yggy character development – eyes of a galago

Childhood memory

Drawing animals is one of my strongest early childhood memories and when I started the character design for Yggy, I recalled a certain image. Fortunately, I still had the original reference; “The Ladybird Book of African Mammals“.

Back to school

One session in my refresher course “Drawing Skills” at what is now Greater Brighton Metropolitan College, was to draw an animal or pet. My family lived in Nigeria before I was born, but we didn’t have a primate as a pet. However, I wanted to give birth to Yggy so took the opportunity to start there. I had misremembered the John Leigh-Pemberton painting in several ways. I initially recalled the composition on page 4 as a bushbaby or a tarsier. Turns out as I turned the page, it was a galago! But as Yggy is a patchwork of textures and personalities, this seemed to be even more apt.

Blue eye

Taking up some forty-year-old pastels, I copied, interpreted and adapted the cheeky little monkey to my other character requirements. Most visible is the eye of blue, and this feature is of the utmost importance to the little creature in his first adventure.

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